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  • Do the Math First

    Do the Math First

    When you reach a point that there is more work than you can do yourself or you are taking a look at cost containment in your books, you might be tempted to hire a full time role. But before you make the move to create a new role, consider the numbers and other choices that…

  • You Don’t Need An In-House Creative

    You Don’t Need An In-House Creative

    Creativity doesn’t thrive under captivity. It is arguable that a structured environment is not optimal for creative inspiration. All artists work in different fashions, but breaking out of routine to invent something new often requires a free space and variety. Office walls, agenda heavy meetings and streams of emails to answer interrupt the ability of…

  • Edu-tainment is Marketing

    Edu-tainment is Marketing

    First Lessons Years ago, I was invited to San Jose, California for a 3 day meeting at Adobe headquarters as part of a pitch to hire Adobe instructors and recruit them to sell the possibilities of Adobe products at trade shows. I never identified as a sales person and held the ideals of teaching and…