I shoot primarily with Canon SLR cameras and external audio rigs on site. My audio rig is composed of a compact 2 channel digital audio recorder with a shock mounted shotgun mic and boom setup. I shoot using the camera hand-held or with a liquid head tripod system. In addition for aerial and boom shots, I use a DJI Phantom 4 drone in which I have FAA licensing. My post production composing and editing is done in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition and Adobe After Effects.

Rock Steady Boxing at Lititz recCenter

SLR video,audio and overlay graphics

Les Mills GRIT SERIES at Lititz recCenter

SLR video, overlay graphics and soundtrack

SLR video, overlay graphics and soundtrack

SLR video, GoPro video, interview audio and environmental audio

Aerial drone footage and soundtracking

Aerial drone footage, SLR footage, live audio and soundtracking

Studio audio and animated stills

Aerial drone footage and soundtracking

SLR footage and live audio

AVCHD video, animated stills, live audio and soundtracking

SLR video and audio

SLR video, audio and effects