No container fits

//No container fits

No container fits

My concept of god is the unifying spirit and essential force in all things sentient and inanimate. Like magnetism, electricity, electrons, the essence of everything that is. The universe, my heart, a mountain… all manifestations and expressions of the binding force of god. Nothing created nor destroyed, always one.

No name God, Allah, jehovah, Vishnu… touches on the vastness of this.

No religion properly represents the incomprehensible depth of this.

No holy book says more than meager language and mere human effort to approach the unapproachable.

God doesn’t fit in your churches, books or religious doctrines.

These human constructs harm the journey of the soul sometimes by denying us the path home as heresy.

It isn’t god atheists don’t believe in. It is religion’s portrayal they deny.

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