The ship was going down and I made it to a lifeboat.
And the lifeboat had everything to sustain me.
But one day I realized that there was no shore.
And then I realized that the boat was made of wood and was slowly wearing down over the years.
I panicked and I paddled as hard as I could, but there was no shore…
There was no shore.

I prayed to god to provide me with a shore and hard land before I sank.
But god replied… there is no shore.

I scrambled as hard as I could to keep the boat together…
But there was no stopping the wearing away of time.

Then I saw all the creatures in the water born to this world, living and passing away.

I saw my connection to these creatures.

And I saw the temporary and artificial nature of my life boat.

I let go of my false hope and threw myself in the water.

I swam with the dolphins…

And I let myself drown…

In gods plan.