As part of this year’s goals in photography, I have taken on aerial photography and video using a DJI Phantom4 Pro Drone. This required me to study for and pass an FAA exam and learn the rudiments of aerodynamics, weather systems, air traffic systems/airport regulations and safety. I took the test at Lancaster Airport here in Lititz and passed it with a 97% in which I am very proud. I had wanted to be a pilot as a child and now I get to see and record what a pilot sees (under 400 feet AGL). I have used the footage in several videos and the potential is amazing. Any time that you may need a helicopter, boom, rail system or gimbal for cinematography, a drone can do the job. You have to get your maneuvering down and compensate for the breeze these drones put off. And you have to plan with only 20 minutes air time per charge.