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Lose yourself

The only way to truly experience is to lose yourself in order to […]

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True freedom is being able to be authentic without the need for consensus […]

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Unapologetic authenticity is true individualism. Regardless of approval.

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Enemy self

The ego is a terrible thing.

All pride, anger, fear and jealousy come from […]

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Nothings wrong

Keep moving so the demons don’t catch ya.
Phantom self running ahead.
True form still […]

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Keep moving

When I slow down my demons catch up.

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Larger than they appear

The larger the ego, the greater the blind spots.

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1 day a flower grew and it was beautiful

I kept it and dried […]

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Love them anyway

Being kind to people that treat you badly is the true test of […]

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You are only honestly capable of treating people as well as you treat […]

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